Number 10- Thought Catalog-Write A Letter To The Person Who Broke Your Heart The Most

To my past love,

A love so strong, deep & seemingly unbreakable. Bonded together from the very start, forever. Through looks, words & touch a creation that felt like an end was nowhere near. It was my very own fairy tale.

You came along & you swept me off my feet. You showed me what true love is, you taught me about worth & you helped me recognize how much more I have to look forward to in this life. Romance, engagement, marriage, home buying, babies, my own family & so much more. These things I never saw with anybody else so their significance was never fully noticed by me. I had grown & discovered so much about what I want in my future from you & with you.

Then one day it was gone. You weren’t the same person I met the year before. You weren’t the man I fell in love with. You disappeared on me. You broke my heart not because you changed & we began to drift apart, change happens as people grow & I could never hold that against you; my heart broke because it was let down. It was full of love, hope, aspirations, a complete future & you dropped it all while I held on so tight. What tore me apart was losing what I had become with you, losing sight of all the dreams & plans I had. You broke my heart the most because you brought my heart so much more then it had ever known before & when you walked away, it felt as those things were to.

As time moves on though, we heal. I now am so much more then I was before & for that I will always thank you. Our relationship was filled with lessons for me that will forever be only blessings in my future. Our love I will never regret & only hold so much value to it.

You broke my heart the most & I thank you for it.

Love always,






After She Left

I couldn’t handle two weeks without her when she went to Boston, so I keep asking myself how I am supposed to handle years maybe forever without her. My best friend moved to another state & I know there are such things as visiting & taking trips to see each other but those will never add up to be enough time. She was my great escape, the place I ran to when lost & my haven.

She is my person; to be there to pick me up, to catch me when I fall, to hold me when I am weak & to support me in my happiness. Just as I am for her. I am feeling a little lost wondering what it is going to be like now & lost in all of our memories. You never realize how much you have gone through with a person or how much they truly mean to you until a long goodbye needs to be said. I could never begin to imagine having called anybody else my best friend in these years, nobody else could add up to the person that she was & is for me.

My rock, my other half, my pain in the ass, my soulmate, my sister, my crazy best friend.. I love you forever & am counting down the days until I can see you again.

“It’s been a long day without you my friend and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.”

A Crush

An elementary school crush is what I am feeling. The good crush: giddy, smiley, blushing, shy. You know the kind when you are young when you want to wear your cutest outfit, the perfect hair style & you get excited to go to school so you can see them but you get so shy you won’t talk. The pass the notes back & forth so secretly so the teacher doesn’t catch you. Constant butterflies.

I have a crush like that & that can be described by me as one of the best feelings. Waking up in the morning happy, excitement when you see their name pop up, day dreaming through out the day. Who doesn’t find the happiest joy in that? Although I don’t even know this boy very well, I’ve been crushing on him for quite some time. Lets just say an opportunity arose for me to act on it & I don’t think I am going to regret it.

Maybe I am caught up in the moment & my breath was taken away easily, but it has been awhile since I have been truly silly happy like this & I am going to embrace every second of it. I’ll let you all know how this goes (written while blushing, of course).



Home Sweet Home

Two days ago I signed a lease to my very first own place. Yes, I have been living away from home but always with a roommate or my previous boyfriend. Now I have reached a milestone in my life that I have been wanting for a very long time, to be able to have my very own place. Getting to this point in my life is nothing short of an impeccable feeling. I have worked very hard to get here & it still feels like I am dreaming.

These past two months things for me have been seeming to go down hill or not the way I want for them to go, it has definitely been having an effect on my well being & general happiness. I am sure each & every person in this crazy world goes through a phase at some point in time where they feel they keep getting knocked down & unable to stand back up. Reaching this milestone has been able to let me stand again, on both feet.

I am in a new city, a new atmosphere & have a whole new adventure ahead of me. Waking up this morning with Aria laying next to me & looking around the room realizing this home is just for us, gave me a whole new type of motivation.

I am still in the process of unpacking & setting things up but as soon as everything is in place I will post pictures of my new sweet home!


Sweet Personal Paradise Cont’d.

I told you all I would upload some photos from my little getaway at my oh so favorite place! It was nothing but sunshine, smiles, laughs, campfires, river rafting, hanging out & making memories. 

I needed this weekend after having a more emotional past month & being consumed by the rays of sun w/ my best friend & family was nothing short of perfection & the exact therapy I needed. 

Sweet Personal Paradise

This afternoon my family, best friend & I are heading out to our favorite place as we have done for the last few years for the fourth of July weekend. Lava Hot Springs is a place of pure bliss for me filled with laughter, sunny days & bright people.

Everybody has that one place that almost feels like a safe zone where nothing could wrong. Where you forget about everything going on in the real world, where everything is light & you feel at ease. Welcome to my Sweet Personal Paradise.



I will be taking plenty of pictures this weekend of my lovely vacation, can’t wait to share when I get home!

The Look

Aria’s most favored line to hear, wanna go on a walk? As I was relaxing in bed the other day I could tell that Aria was beginning to get antsy & bored. I looked at her & said,” Would you like to go on… a walk?” She jumped right off the bed & started doing her “hyper laps” around the house. I was laying in bed still just finishing up checking some social media on my phone, her patience was withering with me. In between laps she would come jump on the bed & stare at me then run again, also got a few begging barks. 

The very last time wasn’t like the others, she jumped on the bed & gave me a certain look for a good couple minutes. I was able to catch a quick picture & got a very good laugh in.

I hope Aria’s look of,” Are you kidding me mother?” lets everybody have a good laugh as well & I hope you all keep with Aria’s crazy life because I have a few more stories to tell about her coming soon!